Playbooks are how players construct their character. One of the playbooks is dedicated to the player acting as the facilitator. The playbook dedicated to the facilitator can be used by other players, but it should be discussed beforehand. Characters should answer the following:

What is your Name?Say it out loud. How does it feel? Does it fit? It’s okay to pick another at any time if it doesn’t.

Do you have or use Pronouns?If so, which ones? If you find they don’t fit, try another!

Playbook Outline

[Name of Class/Job] (Intro Description)

Choose two things you’re good at and two you aren’t. [List of 6 items]

Choose or come up with a quirk [List of 4 items]

Choose or come up with your most precious item [List of 6 items]

Decide your Interest Decide your Secret

Playbook Actions Free Action 1 Token Action 2 Token Action

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Question 1
  • Question 2
  • Question 3

Interests and Secrets

When a character takes interest in another character’s Interest, by talking to them about it or asking to join in, the initiating player gains a Token.

When a character shares their secretor lets it control their actions, they gain a Token.

_Design Note: _ Playbooks can represent a kind of class or job players hold and give them unique Actions. We have provided an example playbook below, and it is also the facilitator’s playbook. Both are structured the same way, but the facilitator’s actions revolve around gm-like support. How these actions are structured depend on the kind of game you are making. Consider what three actions are important for a GM to perform in your game.

The way we have worded the Nameand Pronounsections are important - this codifies into the rules that players can choose any name or pronoun they wish, but also change them at any time if they don’t feel right without the need to ask permission of anyone. If you want to change the wording of those sections, we just ask that you keep the purpose of the words.

Playbook Example: Grove Ranger

The Grove Ranger assists Ranger Murie and helps keep the operations of the Grove functioning. A centerpiece of the community, you are helpful, kind, welcoming, and always know how to break the tension with a well-placed pun. Your Actions revolve around being in the right place to assist others.

Choose two things you’re good at and two you aren’t.

  • First aid

  • Search and rescue

  • Trail maintenance

  • Settling arguments with a metaphor

  • Telling excellent bad jokes

  • Inspiring others to follow their dreams

Choose or come up with a quirk

  • One pant leg is always stuffed into a boot.

  • You’re always jogging everywhere. Everywhere.

  • You sometimes just stop, mid-sentence, to appreciate the view.

  • You walk around with a towel draped on your shoulders.

Choose or come up with your most precious tool.

  • Compass

  • Field Journal

  • Grove Ranger’s Badge

  • Adze

  • First Aid Kit

  • Bandana

Decide your Hobby

Whenever someone talks to you about your Hobby, they gain a Token.

Decide your Secret

Whenever you talk about your secret with someone, gain a Token.

Grove Ranger Actions

I sense I’m needed! - You appear right where you’re needed. Walking down the trail, from behind a tree, or stepping out of the latrine.

Wilderness First Responder – Fix an injury! | 2 Tokens

A Kind Soul - Help someone succeed if they are struggling or about to fail. They succeed instead and gain +1 Token. | 1 Token

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Why did you want to become a Grove Ranger?
  2. What secret did Murie share with you after joining?
  3. What is a bizarre, quantum thing do you deal with as a common issue every day?
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