Facilities are special buildings or locations characters can build that grant a benefit, unlock crafting, or provide a special Action and take x-loops to build. They are built on detail or overview maps hexes. [Name of Facility] [Loops to Build] (What the facility adds mechanically) Description. [Player Tasks]

Example Facility

Observatory | 4 Weeks Unlocks Quantum Crafting. Define a Scientist NPC! Add Macro Action: Watch the Realm | 4 Tokens

A place to discover the marvels of Banda’s Quantum Realm. While watching the outer reaches of Banda’s Realm, you discover something odd happening. What is it? Define an Adventure about the mysterious sight you see. You can ask for your new Adventure to be run during a future Adventure Phase (it doesn’t have to be run immediately).

_Design Note: _ Consider limiting the number of facilities per hex, if needed, to create scarcity and encourage exploring. While most of The Grove System supports players coming up with their own details, Facilities are one of the few items in the game we recommend having fully fleshed out, or at the very least, providing numerous examples of.

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