Phases of Play

There are three Phases of Play. Playing through all three is a Loop and is a unit of game time used to measure how long projects take to complete.

Adventure Phase

A small, encapsulated adventure. Think a 90s television episode. Normally, 45-60 minutes long. During this phase, players are solving a problem and only have access to their playbook Actions and inventory to complete their tasks.

See Adventures for how Adventures are written and structured.

Update Phase

A pause in play for all players to update the map, character sheets, or take notes. Also, a good place to stop for the night.

Macro Phase

A time for players to take care of and interact with the larger community. From building new buildings, crafting new items, hosting special events, or having roleplay scenes with NPCs.

Each player takes 5 actions during the Macro Phase. If an action involves another player, it only counts against the initiating player. Once all actions are taken, a new Adventure Phase starts and the loop begins again.

Design Note: The Macro phase is meant to zoom out from individuals for players to take wider actions or just have a respite from adventure. Consider different ways that can be integrated into your game.



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