Locations & Creating the Map

At the start of the game, players collaboratively build the opening world, creating the first known locations and game world.

Players should have guidance how to create the following at the start of the game:

  • At least one known location on the Overview Map.
  • Several buildings or unique locations on those hexes.
  • A minimum of 3 NPCs already known.
  • An opening Adventure to start them out.

Unique Hexes

There should be at least 5 unique hex types - different types of rooms, biomes, planets, space sectors, etc. And each should have a d6 to d66 list of unique features for that hex - something interesting to spur curiosity, add flavor, define rooms, or adventure hooks that the players can roll for.

Problem Hexes

One unique hex type can be a Problem Hex. These blanket other hexes and make them, and anything on those hexes, unavailable until the players resolve the problem. Either by using special items, or by making and completing an adventure to resolve the problem.

Decide if Problem Hexes should apply at the Overview or Detail level, are they economic problems of a sector? Strange phenomena in a basement? Invading forces? Or a problematic customer appearing at the coffee shop that moves room to room each loop?



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