Drawing and Mapping

The world the players have access to is represented by an overview map. Each region on this map then has a detailed view, which zooms into each overview region for players to define details, from individual trails and buildings of a campground, or discovered planets, moons, and derelicts in the star system’s quadrant.

Overview Map: A hex grid map, such as a 19-hex flower. This is where players detail large landmarks of a campground, a city, a landmass, a continent, a biome, a world or even a star system.

Detail Map: A hex grid map. One exists for each hex of the Overview map and allows players to zoom in and detail that individual hex. From trails and cabins at the campground, to planetary bodies in the star system.

_Design Note: _The Detail Maps replace what would normally be adventure locations in a traditional Hex Crawl. Instead, The Grove System uses blank hex detail maps as a collaborative drawing exercise as details are uncovered at locations. You decide on the default size of each map and its layout. We recommend starting with a 19-hex grid for Overview and a 7 Hex grid for detail maps. Or start with a blank sheet of paper to be more free form.



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