Adventures are small, episodic quests. These are things that happen that to the players that they need to respond to. Normally, these are shorter in scope (45-60 minutes of play time) but several can be created to make longer arcs. Optionally, complications can be kept secret from the other players and only known or created by the one running the adventure.

Adventures could describe someone getting into trouble, a group of teenagers sneaking off at night and trying to discover what glows in the woods, or can even set longer goals to accomplish over the coming weeks.

Adventures are great times for players to gain tokens by helping others, using their strengths to solve problems, or giving something up for others to succeed.

The facilitator and players create Adventures as they see fit, or as it suits the narrative. If a player wants to see a dear NPC who may be in trouble, they might request for that to happen and build an Adventure with others around the table.

[Adventure Name] Introduction Text List of Goals to Accomplish

Complications Two or more complications that arise

Outcomes Two or more outcomes with penalties and/or boons, and how those outcomes are triggered. Outcomes don’t have to just be positive/negative, but any combination of positive, negative, neutral.

_Design Note: _This adventure outline was created so players can create adventures together at the table. At minimum, we do suggest creating an opening adventure to help introduce the players to the setting and get them started. You can also provide tools, such as rolling tables, or a series of questions to answer, to help generate new adventures quickly.

Example Adventure

Quantum Woods Shenanigans


A large group of Quantum Camper visitors have arrived and children have overrun the park! The Lake is full of swimmers, hikers are everywhere, and everyone needs to help out. After the gathering at the campfire that night, people head to sleep.

Or so you hoped. There’s rustling and giggling at night. The next morning, Ranger Murie tells everyone that Fimbaaat, one of the children, has gone missing, and you must figure out where they went.

  1. Discover if anyone knows anything about Fimbaaat
  2. Find and Rescue Fimbaaat


  1. The children at the Grove are embarrassed and fear getting in trouble. They are tight-lipped that they were playing in the Quantum Woods.
  2. The Quantum Woods are hiding Fimbaaat and teasing the rescuers with glimpses.
  3. The Quantum Woods are upset. A Spirit tells the players because the children were breaking branches of its trees to make a fire that still smolders. Add Goal: Find the fire and put it out to release Fimbaaat.


  1. Fimbaaat is rescued! - Everyone gains 2 Tokens. Remove a complication from the next Event.
  2. Fimbaaat stumbles out – The Quantum Woods finally releases Fimbaaat, but they are hungry and upset. Each player needs to spend an Action in the next Macro Phase to comfort, feed, and return Fimbaaat to their family.
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