Macro Phase Actions

During the Macro Phase, players have access to unique, community-level actions. Each player can perform 5 actions during this phase, in whatever order they see fit. Each Action has a token cost associated with it. Players must have the actions and Tokens available. They can also spend an action to perform token earning behavior.

  • Have a Scene - 0 Tokens
  • Learn a Skill - 2 Tokens
  • Gather Ingredients - 1 Token
  • Craft - 1 Token
  • Understand a Stranger - 1-10 Tokens
  • Perform Location Actions
    • Build a Facility - 1 Token
    • Plan an Event - 1 Token
    • Define a new NPC or Stranger - 1 Token
    • Add a major detail about the location - 1 Token
  • Use a Facility’s Action - 1-10 Tokens (defined by the Facility)

Design Note: We provide an example token cost for each skill, but you are welcome to change them to fit your game, difficulty, or balance. You can also add additional Actions here. For instance, Banda’s Grove has an additional “Nature Watching” action tied to a d100 table to discover new creatures.

Learn a Skill

Learning a skill is the way characters add to their Actions beyond what is provided by their playbook. After a number of learning sessions, they get access to a new playbook action they can use during Adventures or a passive bonus.

[Skill Name] (# of learning sessions to earn) – [Cost to Use] – Description

_Design Note: _Learning Skills is the main progression system for characters in the game. We recommend making it thematically relevant to your game. In Banda’s Grove, characters earned badges and describe relevant scenes. In a sci-fi game, perhaps they practice in flight simulators to earn certifications.

Gather Ingredients

During the game, player characters can gather diverse ingredients which they can later use to craft special items. To gather 2 ingredients, a player needs to spend 1 Action and 1 Token. Ingredients are broken down into 4 main categories: Flora, Fauna, Earthen, Special (magical, high-tech, etc.).

What they gather specifically (honey, sticks, granite, silicon, memory boards) is up to the player to decide and is purely narrative, but influences what the end product looks like.

During the gathering actions, players states two specific things they are trying to collect, then describe how they gather those items – by collecting, finding, bartering, or any other way of obtaining that specific ingredient.


After gathering the required ingredients with the Gather Ingredients action, players can spend an action and token to craft the final item. However, they need the proper crafting facility built. Crafting is split into 5 categories and their associated facility. Each facility has an NPC that operates it. The number of categories can be contracted or expanded to fit your game.

  1. Physical Goods - Workshop
  2. Edible - Diner / Kitchen
  3. Textiles - Tailor
  4. Artisanal - Artisan’s Shop
  5. Specialty (Magic / Quantum / Electronic, etc.) - Lab / Observatory

[Name] - [Category(Physical, Edible, Artisan, Textile, Quantum)]****- (Required ingredients (Flora, Fauna, Earthen, Specialty))

Description [Any Special Benefits]

Crafting Recipe Examples

Below is an example crafting recipe. Remember that this is not an exhaustive list, and you can create your own recipes at the table. The more ingredients required, the more special the item.

Fragmental Uncertainty Arranger - 4 Earthen, 2 Flora, 6 Special Rearrange Hexes in Banda’s Grove! Using quantum uncertainty states, this tool allows you to move 1 hex to another location per use. | 1 Token

Design Note:While it may be wise to include a sampling of crafting recipes, usually 5-10 per category, encourage players to create crafting recipes together at the table as well.

Special Events

Special Events are unique roleplaying experiences that players can plan and attend during the Macro Phase and gives them larger boons or bonuses along with tasks to complete. When spending an Action and token to plan the event, set a project tracking die to the required number of loops to plan the event.

[Special Event Name] (time it takes place (season, am/pm, etc.) Number of Loops to Plan | (Any requirements to plan it) [Description of the Event] A benefit of participating in the Special Event.

  1. Things that happen at the Event or task list.****

Example Special Event

The Quantum Potluck (Fall) 2 Loops to Plan | Unlocked with Upgraded Community Campfire

Hosted by Banda, The Quantum Potluck is a time of hearty soups, stews, and gathering around the Community Campfire to cook everything together while making friends and laughing. All defined Strangers from the Quantum Woods also attend!

Remove a Problem Hex if it exists and gain 2 Specialty Ingredients for attending the Festival. The required number of Tokens needed to calm an upset Spirit is halved if attempting to calm them while at the Quantum Potluck.

During the Quantum Potluck:

  • Define a new NPC and Stranger. What food are they making?
  • What cooking complications are there?
  • How are they resolved?
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