What is The Murk

"I remember that day, that damned fog rushed forward across no man's land. I remember getting my mask on just in time. Even then, you could still hear the whispers admist the muffled cries of those around you. Who will forgive us? Who can forgive us?"

The Murk is a tabletop role playing game of grim adventure, horror and drama, set in the World of Tellus, a place rocked by a cataclysmic event a generation ago.

Players take on the roles of heroes and villains cast into a web of mysteries, plots, exploration and cosmic horror as they carve their own place out of a society on the brink. It is the story of heroism, sacrifice, destruction and redemption that drives humanity to find it’s new normal after the end of the world. You will find all Breathless related resources like the game's official SRD which contains all the rules and design guidelines for you to make your own Breathless game, extra rules, and more.


CC BY 4.0
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