What are Gasps

Gasps are additional mechanics and rules that you can add in your Breathless games to mimic certain types of gameplay or to tailor the game to a specific themes.

The Gasps hosted here were developed by numerous members of the Fari Community. You will then find information about their respective authors and links to their games, so go support those amazing creators!


All Gasps listed here have been open licensed, and all creators who have submitted those additional mechanics have done so knowing that the original Breathless CC-BY license encompasses the legal rights to their work. This means that creators using a Gasp aren't legally required to include an additional license, apart from the original Breathless attribution text, in their game.

That being said, each Gasp includes a small license blurb that designers are highly encouraged to include in their game to give proper attribution to the original Gasp creators.

Releasing a Gasp

Want to release your own Gasp to the community? Here's the format you need to use, then simply contact us to submit your Gasp, and we'll add it to the list!

# {Title}

{title} is a Gasp designed by {author} of {design studio} used in {game} that {description}.

{itch widget}

## Rule

{rule text}

> ### Designer Notes
> {notes}

## Attribution

This game uses mechanics based off the {name} Gasp, designed by {author} of {design studio}.
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