Talents is a Gasp designed by Groov of Groov Games used in Critterforce 5 that emphasizes unique character mechanics and advancement. This Gasp makes characters just a little bit stronger by giving them small passive effects, or a larger once-a-session ability.


Once at character creation and after story milestones, players may choose or create their own Talent to represent a slight edge the character has. Each Talent may be used once a session unless it says otherwise. Most will use one of the following templates:

When you use your stunt, you can do something nearly superhuman or supernatural.

"When I use my stunt, I can summon a lightning storm."

"When I use my stunt, I can reveal that an NPC was me all along!"

You gain a +2 bonus on a narrow use of an action. You can use this after a roll.

"I get a +2 bonus when using Bash to strike while hidden."

"I get a +2 bonus when using Talk to gather information"

You gain a specific narrative freedom. These are usually passive and ongoing.

"I always know when someone is lying to me"

"If there's ever a question of who acts first, it's me."

You gain a game specific bonus. Depending on the game, some of these may be passive and ongoing, while others are usable once as usual.

"I can hold an extra item in my backpack."

"I can avoid the consequences of one roll when assisting someone else."

Designer Notes

Talents, Masteries, Upgrades, or whatever you decide to call them will vary a lot from game to game, and there will always be players wanting to come up with their own. In your game, include 5 or 10 so your players understand the bounds of this Gasp in your game.


This game uses mechanics based off the Talents Gasp, designed by Groov of Groov Games.

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