Locker is a Gasp designed by Ryan Lucas of used in Ore that provides a form of advancement by emphasizing scavenging rolls.


Characters have additional gear storage that they alone have access to. Though the setting dictates where and what form this takes, this rule refers to additional storage as the “Locker” to differentiate from a Character’s “Backpack.”

The Locker allows Characters to bring scavenged equipment back after a successful (or at least survived) adventure. Each Locker has 3 slots for items. Before an adventure, Characters may freely decide what is stored in their Locker and what comes along in their Backpack.

Designer Notes

The Locker does a few things for the themes and focus of your game: It enables a sort of Character “advancement” that doesn’t rely on experience or boosting Skills - you instead “level up” via gear. It also emphasizes scavenge rolls and loot in general. Lockers presuppose a “home base” and work best when sessions are more “mission focused” with some kind of downtime in between.

Whether the other Characters can recover the contents of a deceased/vanished comrade’s Locker is at your discretion. It may require some challenge (such as recovering the victim’s eye for use on a retinal scanner!)


This game uses mechanics based off the Locker Gasp, designed by Ryan Lucas.

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