Transformation is a Gasp designed by Nick Potter of Sustain a Spell used in Let's Be Magical! that models empowering transformations for magical girl, super sentai, or other similar character types.


When you transform, you are filled with power and confidence. All of your skills increase by one level while transformed, and lower one level when your transformation ends. If any of your skills are at a d4 by the time you end your transformation or if you Catch Your Breath while transformed, you take one point of stress.

Designer Notes

This mechanic is intended to provide a mechanical representation of the battle transformations seen in anime or sentai — it can be magical girls, Power Rangers, Super Saiyans, or any other sort of powerup meant for battle.

It obviously provides a power boost, and can help the players tackle harder obstacles and challenges, but it comes with the downside of possible Stress and limiting Catch Your Breath opportunities.

You can feel free to alter it as you wish, introducing threats that can only be taken while transformed, or removing the drawback entirely to just add a bit of a power fantasy to the game.


This game uses mechanics based off the Transformation Gasp, designed by Nick Potter of Sustain a Spell.

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