Investigation Checks

Investigation Checks is a Gasp designed by David Haslem (therabidbanana) to allow games with investigative focus to present players with opportunities to gather clues, and then roll to determine if their theory is sound. It is used in Task Force JADE.


When players encounter an opportunity to gather evidence that might help them understand what they are investigating, they may make an investigation check. This check works like a loot check and yields clues. These clues can be rolled to build a theory that might help solve a case or deal with a threat.

Investigation Check

When you do an investigation check, roll a d20.

  • On a 1, something bad happens.
  • On a 2-14, you find a d4 clue.
  • On a 15-16, you find a d6 clue.
  • On a 17-18, you find a d8 clue.
  • On a 19-20, you find a d10 clue.

Using Clues

When players are ready to make a theory from the clues they have gathered and resolve their case, they make a statement about the situation and how they plan to solve the problem and make a pool of dice from clues that support this statement. Take the highest value on the following table:

  • On a 1-2, your statement is fundamentally flawed and leads you to danger - the GM decides an appropriate complication.
  • On a 3-4, your statement is mostly right, but there is a twist - the GM decides what the twist might be.
  • On a 5+, your statement is right on - you get a benefit from understanding the problem completely.


This game uses mechanics based off the Investigation Check Gasp, designed by David Haslem.

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