Adventure Frame

Adventure Frame is a Gasp designed by René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas of Fari RPGs used in Renegades that easily allows the creation of adventure modules for Breathless games.


The Adventure Frame format divides the plot into many events that the player characters (PCs) will need to resolve in order to move forward with the story. This format gives you just enough flavor to get started while keeping things flexible for when players will do something unexpected.

When bad rolls appear, or when you need to raise tension, introduce new complications, but if none directly matches the fiction, take a random one and adapt it to the story. There is no wrong way to play this, so if the players don’t follow the events to the letter, find a new way to stitch things back together later.

The Premise

{Premise short description.}

1. {Event Name}

{Event short description.}

Goal: {2-3 goals for the players to accomplish.}

Scene: {3-5 descriptors for the GM to get a sense of the scene.}

Complications: {2-3 complications for the GM to use in case something bad happens}

Designer Notes

Adventure Frames have been designed especially for Breathless games. Since no plot survives an encounter with the players, Adventure Frames focus on goals, scene descriptors, and complications. This leaves a lot of space for the GM to change the story on the fly, and just glue things back together when necessary.


This game uses mechanics based off the Adventure Frame Gasp, designed by René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas of Fari RPGs.

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