Principles for Players


  • Attributes and related saves do not define your character. They are tools.
  • Don't ask only what your character would do, ask what you would do, too.
  • Be creative with your intuition, items, and connections.


  • Seek consensus from the other players before barreling forward.
  • Stay on the same page about goals and limits, respecting each other and accomplishing more as a group than alone.


  • Asking questions and listening to detail is more useful than any stats, items, or skills you have.
  • Take the Warden's description without suspicion, but don't shy away from seeking more information.
  • There is no single correct way forward.


  • Treat NPCs as if they were real people, and rely on your curiosity to safely gain information and solve problems.
  • You'll find that most people are interesting and will want to talk things through before getting violent.


  • Fighting is a choice and rarely a wise one; consider whether violence is the best way to achieve your goals.
  • Try to stack the odds in your favor and retreat when things seem unfavorable.


  • Think of ways to avoid your obstacles through reconnaissance, subtlety, and fact-finding.
  • Do some research and ask around about your objectives.


  • Set goals and use your meager means to take steps forward.
  • Expect nothing. Earn your reputation.
  • Keep things moving forward and play to see what happens.
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