Spellbooks contain a single spell and take up one slot. They cannot be transcribed or created; instead they are recovered from places like tombs, dungeons, and manors.

Spellbooks sometimes display unusual properties or limitations, such as producing a foul or unearthly smell when opened, possessing an innate intelligence, or being legible only when held in moonlight.

Spellbooks will attract the attention of those who seek the arcane power within, and it is considered dangerous to display them openly.

Scrolls are similar to Spellbooks, however:

  • They do not take up an inventory slot.
  • They do not cause fatigue.
  • They disappear after one use.

Casting Spells

Anyone can cast a spell by holding a Spellbook in both hands and reading its contents aloud. They must then add a Fatigue to inventory, occupying one slot. Given time and safety, PCs can enhance a spell's impact (e.g., affecting multiple targets, increasing its power, etc.) without any additional cost. If the PC is deprived or in danger, the Warden may require a PC to make a WIL save to avoid any ill-effects from casting the spell. Consequences of failure are on par with the intended effect, and may result in added Fatigue, the destruction of the Spellbook, injury, and even death.


Relics are items imbued with a magical spell or power. They do not cause Fatigue. Relics usually have a limited use, as well as a recharge condition. A few examples:

Honeyclasp , 3 charges. A rusted ring that shrinks the bearer to 6" tall. Recharge: place in a thimble-sized cup of royal jelly.

Falconer's Friend , 1 charge. A bolt-shaped wand carrying the Haste spell. Recharge: fire from a crossbow and recover.

Staff of Silence , 1 charge. This blackened rod temporarily disables all magic within 50ft. Recharge: bathe in the light of a full moon.

Leycap , 1 use. Anyone ingesting this green-flecked mushroom loses a Fatigue, but is then required to make a WIL save to avoid its addictive properties. A fail leaves the PC deprived and unable to focus until they can eat another leycap, providing only a brief reprieve from the addiction.


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