100 Spells

1AdhereAn object is covered in extremely sticky slime.
2AnchorA strong wire sprouts from your arms, affixing itself to two points within 50ft on each side.
3Animate ObjectAn object obeys your commands as best it can.
4AnthropomorphizeAn animal either gains human intelligence or human appearance for one day.
5Arcane EyeYou can see through a magical floating eyeball that flies around at your command.
6Astral PrisonAn object is frozen in time and space within an invulnerable crystal shell.
7AttractTwo objects are strongly magnetically attracted to each other if they come within 10 feet.
8Auditory IllusionYou create illusory sounds that seem to come from a direction of your choice.
9BabbleA creature must loudly and clearly repeat everything you think. It is otherwise mute.
10Bait FlowerA plant sprouts from the ground that emanates the smell of decaying flesh.
11Beast FormYou and your possessions transform into a mundane animal.
12BefuddleA creature of your choice is unable to form new short-term memories for the duration of the spell.
13Body SwapYou switch bodies with a creature you touch. If one body dies, the other dies as well.
14CharmA creature you can see treats you as a friend.
15CommandA target obeys a single three-word command that does not cause it harm.
16ComprehendYou become fluent in all languages for a short while.
17Cone of FoamDense foam sprays from your hand, coating the target.
18Control PlantsNearby plants and trees obey you and gain the ability to move at a slow pace.
19Control WeatherYou may alter the type of weather at will, but you do not otherwise control it.
20Cure WoundsRestore 1d4 STR per day to a creature you can touch.
21DeafenAll nearby creatures are deafened.
22Detect MagicYou can see or hear nearby magical auras.
23DisassembleAny of your body parts may be detached and reattached at will, without causing pain or damage. You can still control them.
24DisguiseYou may alter the appearance of one character at will as long as they remain humanoid. Attempts to duplicate other characters will seem uncanny.
25DisplaceAn object appears to be up to 15ft from its actual position.
26EarthquakeThe ground begins shaking violently. Structures may be damaged or collapse.
27ElasticityYour body can stretch up to 10ft.
28Elemental WallA straight wall of ice or fire 50ft long and 10ft high rises from the ground.
29FilchA visible item teleports to your hands.
30FlareA bright ball of energy fires a trail of light into the sky, revealing your location to friend or foe.
31Fog CloudA dense fog spreads out from you.
32FrenzyA nearby creature erupts in a frenzy of violence.
33GateA portal to a random plane opens.
34Gravity ShiftYou can change the direction of gravity, but only for yourself.
35GreedA creature develops the overwhelming urge to possess a visible item of your choice.
36HasteYour movement speed is tripled.
37HatredA creature develops a deep hatred of another creature or group and wishes to destroy them.
38Hear WhispersYou can hear faint sounds clearly.
39HoverAn object hovers, frictionless, 2ft above the ground. It can hold up to one humanoid.
40HypnotizeA creature enters a trance and will truthfully answer one yes or no question you ask it.
41Icy TouchA thick ice layer spreads across a touched surface, up to 10ft in radius.
42Identify OwnerLetters appear over the object you touch, spelling out the name of the object's owners, if there are any.
43IlluminateA floating light moves as you command.
44Invisible TetherTwo objects within 10ft of each other cannot be moved more than 10ft apart.
45KnockA nearby mundane or magical lock unlocks loudly.
46LeapYou jump up to 10ft high, once.
47Liquid AirThe air around you becomes swimmable .
48Magic DampenerAll nearby magical effects have their effectiveness halved.
49ManseA sturdy, furnished cottage appears for hours You can permit and forbid entry to it at will.
50Marble CrazeYour pockets are full of marbles, and will refill every 30 seconds.
51MasqueradeA characters appearance and voice becomes identical to those of a character you touch.
52MiniaturizeA creature you touch is shrunk down to the size of a mouse.
53Mirror ImageAn illusory duplicate of yourself appears and is under your control.
54MirrorwalkA mirror becomes a gateway to another mirror that you looked into today.
55MultiarmYou temporarily gain an extra arm.
56Night SphereA 50ft wide sphere of darkness displaying the night sky appears before you.
57ObjectifyYou become any inanimate object between the size of a grand piano and an apple.
58Ooze FormYou become a living jelly.
59PacifyA creature near you has an aversion to violence.
60PhobiaA nearby creature becomes terrified of an object of your choice.
61PitA pit 10ft wide and 10ft deep opens in the ground.
62Primal SurgeA creature rapidly evolves into a future version of its species.
63Push/PullAn object of any size is pulled directly towards you or pushed directly away from you with the strength of one man.
64Raise DeadA skeleton rises from the ground to serve you. They are incredibly stupid and can only obey simple orders.
65Raise SpiritThe spirit of a nearby corpse manifests and will answer 1 question.
66Read MindYou can hear the surface thoughts of nearby creatures.
67RepelTwo objects are strongly magnetically repelled from each other within 10 feet.
68ScryYou can see through the eyes of a creature you touched earlier today.
69Sculpt ElementsInanimate material behaves like clay in your hands.
70SenseChoose one kind of object (key, gold, arrow, jug, etc). You can sense the nearest example.
71ShieldA creature you touch is protected from mundane attacks for one minute.
72ShroudA creature you touch is invisible until they move.
73ShuffleTwo creatures you can see instantly switch places.
74SleepA creature you can see falls into a light sleep.
75SlickEvery surface in a 30ft radius becomes extremely slippery.
76Smoke FormYour body becomes a living smoke that you can control.
77SniffYou can smell even the faintest traces of scents.
78SnuffThe source of any mundane light you can see is instantly snuffed out.
79SortInanimate items sort themselves according to categories you set.
80SpectacleA clearly false but impressive illusion of your choice appears, under your control. It may be up to the size of a palace and has full motion and sound.
81SpellsawA whirling blade flies from your chest, clearing any plant material in its way. It is otherwise harmless.
82Spider ClimbYou can climb surfaces like a spider.
83Summon CubeOnce per second you may summon or banish a 3-foot-wide cube of earth New cubes must be affixed to the earth or to other cubes.
84SwarmYou become a swarm of crows, rats, or piranhas You can only be harmed by blast attacks.
85TelekinesisYou may mentally 1 move item under 60lbs.
86TelepathyTwo creatures can hear each other's thoughts, no matter how far apart.
87TeleportAn object or person you can see is transported from one place to another in a 50ft radius.
88Target LureAn object you touch becomes the target of any nearby spell.
89ThicketA thicket of trees and dense brush up to 50ft wide suddenly sprouts up.
90Summon IdolA carved stone statue the size of a mule rises from the ground.
91Time ControlTime in a 50ft bubble slows down or increases by 10% for 30 seconds.
92True SightYou see through all nearby illusions.
93UpwellA spring of seawater appears.
94VisionYou completely control what a creature sees.
95Visual IllusionA silent, immobile, room-sized illusion of your choice appears.
96WardA silver circle 50ft across appears on the ground. Choose one species that cannot cross it.
97WebYour wrists shoot thick webbing.
98WidgetA primitive version of a drawn tool or item appears before you and disappears after a short time.
99Wizard MarkYour finger can shoot a stream of ulfire-colored paint. This paint is only visible to you and can be seen at any distance, even through solid objects.
100X-Ray VisionYou can see through walls, dirt, clothing, etc.


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