Any form of relevant opposition or obstacle to the characters counts as a challenge.

  • A band of pirates;
  • A difficult stretch of land for traveling;
  • Court politics.

Challenges have a skill score, any number of Specializations, and Resistances. Each Resistances are how and why that Challenge opposes the characters.

  • A band of pirates

    • Skill 12;
    • Specializations: close-quarters combat, intimidation;
    • Resistances: iron-fisted captain, criminals, greater numbers, yeehaw;
  • A difficult stretch of land for traveling;

    • Skill 7;
    • Specializations: none;
    • Resistances: uneven topography, large predators, short time;
  • Court politics

    • Skill 14;
    • Specializations: etiquette, blackmail, espionage, name-dropping
    • Resistances: ambitions, deep pockets, favours.

Overcoming challenges

To overcome a challenge you must break a challenge's Resistances. To break a Resistance, once you find yourself in the appropriate fictional position, you may make an opposed roll. On a hit, the GM will choose whether your actions broke a challenge's Resistance, inflicted a Condition, or both.



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