Collaborative Narrative Tools

Add the rules to a game when you would like to influence the fiction established from outside of the Characters of the game.

They are meant to allow a collaborative approach to worldbuilding and to the conversation, while still providing a minigame.

You may replace dice for tokens, making small adjustments where needed.

These procedures are inspired by Finding Styles and Co-op Dice Mechanics.

Personal and Collective Pools

At the start of the session, each player adds 1d6 to their Personal Pool for every player present. If the game includes a GM as a player, they do so too.

The Collective Pool keeps all dice players spend from their Personal Pool.

At the end of the session, both Pools are reset to 0.

Making a Proposal

When you make a Proposal to create a new location, relationship, supporting character, fictional position, or any other element, or when you want to elaborate or change, one that already exists, describe it to the others and take a die from your Personal Pool.

Each other player takes a die from their own Personal Pool and gives it to you as long as they agree with your Proposal.

If any player withholds their die, ask them "what should be different if I don't roll a 6?". The players who withheld their dice will answer and you roll all of the dice collected. If any dice comes up as 6, your Proposal passes as you described, otherwise, take the counter-proposals into account.

All dice you received are dumped into the Collective Pool. When you run out of dice, replenish your Personal Pool with dice from the Collective Pool.

Making an Invite

When you invite the group to collaborate on an element of the narrative, ask the table about a location, relationship, supporting character, fictional position, or any other element. Avoid Yes/No questions.

Give a die from your personal pool to the player who answers the question. You may suggest a change to their answer. Give them another Personal Die if they accept it.

Deus Ex Machina

Whenever any player wants to avoid disaster, they may take any number of dice from the Collective Pool, roll them all, and add or reduce their total to another roll during an action.

If the result of the roll changes to your benefit describe how something from outside your influence changed the narrative in a most dramatic fashion.

Otherwise, describe how you got out of the frying pan and into the fire.

All dice spent are permanently removed until the next session.



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