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The Gift of Dice

I am Gabriel Caetano (they/them), and I am a queer, Latine parent, TRPG creator, audio professional, and game facilitator (aka GM) from Brazil. The Gift of Dice is the playful name I chose to publish my art. I create role-playing games, as well as TTRPG-adjacent experiences.


COSMIC Free TTRPG Mechanics
COSMIC Free TTRPG Mechanics

a set of mechanics for playing or creating a role-playing game. COSMIC stands for cooperative, open, short, modular, independent, and collaborative. It is free and open to everyone under the Anti-Capitalist Attribution Cooperative License. You may use this to create a new game or salvage mechanics and ideas from this. What you can't do is create racist, bigoted, transphobic content based on anything you find here.

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