These rules are designed for games and settings where the player characters "were born yesterday", like clones waking up adults and barely with any past, newly created beings, individuals who somehow lost access to most of their past memories, and so on.

These rules are inspired by Araukana Media's Nibiru.

The Self Pool

This pool gains points that characters may spend to gain pieces of who they Become.

We will use the words Self and Becoming for the sake of detailing these procedures. I encourage you to replace them in your game (unless they fit, of course). Some ideas:

  • Memory;
  • Personality;
  • Recollection;
  • Self;
  • Pieces.

Defining Truths

When the outcome of the fiction is in question, before you roll, you can spend Self and write down a new Specialisation, Unique Trait or Scar. Write a short description of a truth about that character that they just learned about, remembered, or developed that is related to it.

Note that gaining a Specialisation allows you to improve your roll, and gaining a new Unique Trait allows you to bypass it completely. On the other hand, Trauma will negatively impact your roll.

Convenient Memory

Spend 1 Self to add a new Specialisation. Describe how you gain it.

Found Powers

Spend 3 Self to gain a new Unique Trait. Describe how it manifests at that moment.

Triggering Trauma

Write a new Trauma to gain 1 Self.

Rule Expanded: Level Up

Include an option at Level Up:

  • Increase self by 1.



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