Legal Bits and Final Words

I’ll be really honest with you - I don’t have this Creative Commons licensed or any of that. But it would be really cool if, rather than just copying this system wholesale without credit, you used the following text (or something similar when you make a Bad Time Game):

This game/product was made using the Bad Time Game system. This product is in no way affiliated with Kyle Tam or Urania Games.

You can find a logo to slap onto your games designed by the Lone Archivist to proclaim the fact, too! That’s in the downloads section when you pick this SRD up. There are loads of different color variants, so use whichever one you’re feeling.

Honestly, the most important part of designing a Bad Time Game is to have fun designing it, and to make sure your players have fun playing it.

Just so long as the CHARACTERS have a bad time.


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