Listen. Sometimes, people die. Or get humiliated. Or are sucked into the vortex of space. It just happens, especially in games that tout themselves as providing Bad Times. But elimination sucks, which is why Bad Time Games should always have a mechanic for any player eliminated by the Bad Time Dice to stay and join in the fun. In End of the Line this mechanic manifests as Ghosts - players who have been eliminated from the game linger at the table to heckle, hinder, or help the living. This comes in the form of a once per phase ability to force a reroll, which is a small but powerful tool to change the game’s dynamic.

You can keep Ghosts as they are, or make them more or less impactful on play. Not every game will need Ghosts. Not every game will WANT Ghosts. But it is vitally important that players don’t spend too much time outside of the action, bored. A great game keeps folks engaged, and doesn’t force them to stay bored for a long time. And there’s nothing more boring than being killed and being told to sit in the corner with your character sheet and the remnants of your dreams.


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