World Forces

World forces are independent organizations with their own unique agendas that the GM might use during the game to make it feel more vibrant. Each force has a specific goal that it will try to achieve by using certain methods.

If the GM feels it makes sense, they can create a progress clock to represent the force getting closer to their goal. They then mark progress on the clock when it fits the narrative - either as a consequence or as a result of player actions helping the force.

Designer Note: Making World Forces

Charge games usually come with a couple of world forces.

A force is something or someone with goals looking to change the status quo in significant and narratively interesting ways.

This could be a person, but it could also be an organization, a country, a planet, mother nature, or the space-time continuum!

For each force you create, define what their goal is. Their goal defines the impact the force will have on the world. A goal isn't necessarily good or bad— it is merely what the force wants to accomplish. It can also be considered to be "good" by the Force itself, but others might have different view on the subject.

Lastly, define 2-3 methods the force is going to use to interact with the world in the hope of achieving their goal

Here's an example of what a world force could look like:

Force Example

The Rebel Forces want to get rid of the usurper that sits on the throne by:

  • Finding dirt on the noble houses to expose corruption.
  • Convincing the real king to take back what is theirs.
  • Finding money to hire mercenaries to fight the war that is to come.

Designing world forces is an efficient and simple way to fill the world with interesting factions that the players will be able to interact with if they so desire.



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