The Setting

Designer Note: Your Setting

Use this section to explain the setting of your game.

To make your world be as vibrant and compelling as possible, think about what the general story of your game is about and how it should play out.

Establish a history of recent events so that the players have a sense of the setting. They can then start making connections between their character and the world they inhabit. How would they have reacted if they have taken part in those events?

Highlight important locations, cities, districts, or whole regions, that the PCs can choose to explore. What would scenes set in those locations look like? What actions would the PCs be taking there?

Fill those locations with notable NPCs that the GM can use if needed. These don't have to be complex. A simple list with a name, an occupation, or role, and a couple of adjectives describing their respective personality can go a long way.

Do these NPCs belong to different organizations or factions? Continue to the next chapter to see how to define those as World Forces.



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