Tricube Tales started as a simple set of guidelines for roleplaying with my five-year-old son. I wanted a system where the GM could handle all the complexity, so the player could roll 1-3d6 and then interpret the results, without needing to apply any arithmetic. The use of tokens also provided my son with a visual and tactile reminder that worked better than using a pen and paper.

However, I found the rules appealed to adults as well—so I decided to expand and flesh out the system.

When Drive Thru RPG promoted the “Phone PDF” format recently, I thought it was a good fit for Tricube Tales—it’s a portable RPG you can play anywhere, so where better to keep the rulebook than on your smartphone?

But I also decided to offer a print-on-demand version, as some people dislike reading books on their phone, or having electronic devices at the table.

Richard Woolcock, November 2019.


CC BY 4.0
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