To create a character, choose a name, an archetype, a perk and a quirk. If it makes things easier, you can even write out the character as a descriptive sentence, such as “a brawny knight of noble upbringing with a strict code of honor,” or “an agile journalist with spider-like superpowers and a propensity for cracking jokes.”

Just make sure your character fits the genre and setting!


A character’s archetype consists of a trait (agile, brawny, or crafty) combined with a concept (often a profession, but can also include race or other descriptors).

If your character concept has magical powers, you’ll be able to overcome many challenges with magic—but if you don’t also have an appropriate perk, you won’t be able to spend karma on your spells.

Examples: Agile assassin, agile elven ranger, brawny soldier, brawny paladin, crafty journalist, crafty sorcerer.


Perks represent special talents, abilities, skills, arcane items, professions, etc. You begin with one perk of your choice.

Examples: Charming, magical sword, necromancy, noble bloodline, psionicist, quick reflexes, scholar of the occult.


Quirks represent hindrances, handicaps, and negative personality traits that can make life difficult for the character. You begin with one quirk of your choice.

Examples: Arrogant, bad eyes, mean, peg leg, ruthless, ugly, vindictive.

Karma & Resolve

Karma represents luck and providence, while resolve represents tenacity, spirit, health, and determination.

Players begin each session with three karma tokens and three resolve tokens. These can be recovered during play, but can never exceed the character’s starting quota for the session.


Gear is considered a narrative tool, used to justify a character’s capabilities rather than give bonuses. Players can describe their gear for flavor purposes, but they are usually assumed to have whatever is needed for their archetype and perks.

If you want your character to own an exceptional or arcane item that provides significant benefits, take it as a perk.


Characters generally advance every 1-3 sessions, at the GM’s discretion, based on the desired length of the campaign.

When your character advances, add a new perk or quirk of your choice—or else convert an existing affliction into a quirk! This represents an ability, foible, or item your character has discovered or developed during the story.

Every second advance may be used to increase either your karma or resolve by one token (up to a maximum of six each) instead of adding a perk or quirk.

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