Just a Framework

This SRD is "just a framework", not a well-defined system. It is a foundation with suggestions and guidelines to create a full build, a toolkit to help you create your own games and tools. Motif games, even our own, are often incompatible. So then, what is a Motif game or tool? If you follow the "Motif Way" of the oracle approach and the principles we express, it is!

Suggested Design Flow

From the design perspective, start with your project concept, genre, themes, and player character concept. Once you hash those out, then start to consider mechanics and how you want things to work. Focus on the main actions characters should take and what unique characteristic you want them to have. Then build out from there.

Tell Us About Your Work

If you end up making use of the Motif Toolkit SRD, please let us know! We will be thrilled to give you a shout out and a boost, in most instances. Contact us on Twitter ( and tell us about it. Also feel free to reach out with questions. The only thing we ask is that you do not send us unreleased manuscripts or non-public works in progress. Thanks!

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