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This SRD and its contents are available under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY). You may freely create games and add Motif features, like solo mode, to other games. That is the entire point of the Motif Toolkit SRD. In return, the license requires credit using the Attribution Text detailed below. There are also a few logo use and trademark conditions on the use of the logos and associated phrases.

Attribution Text

This work is based on the Motif Framework ( and Runs on Motif games (, published by Thought Police Interactive ( The Motif Toolkit SRD ( is licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License ( Motif Framework™ and Runs on Motif™ are trademarks of Thought Police Interactive.

Note: All text should be included in your copyright section, in the same font and size as your other copyright information, or otherwise included in a similarly prominent manner near the beginning of the work. For works like videos and other multimedia projects, it should be read near the beginning and prominently included in the work's description. The Attribution Text may not be altered, obscured, or redacted in any way. For spoken segments, as in podcasts or videos, the URLs do not need to be read aloud as long as they are included in their listings.

Logos and Trademarks

Motif Framework™ and Runs on Motif™ are trademarks of Thought Police Interactive. Their plain use and logos are exclusively reserved for Thought Police publications.

You are granted permission to attribute your products as "Runs on Motif Licensed" or "Built using the Motif Framework" as long as you meet the licensing conditions.

We recommend using "Runs on" for games and "Built using" for Motif supplements or non-Motif games using Motif features. However, there are no hard and firm requirements. Use which feels best and most appropriate to your project.

You may also use the "Runs on" and "Built using" logos in your products, listings, promotional materials, and other related items as long as you comply with the license conditions and limitations.

The logos can be acquired along with the SRD (x). You may resize and/or recolor them to fit your products, but they may not be altered or added to substantially in any other way. If you use one of the logos, please add the following to the Attribution Text:

The Motif Toolkit SRD logos are Copyright © 2021, Thought Police Interactive, and trademarks thereof. Used with permission.


You may not imply sponsorship, approval, endorsement, or other formal relations with Thought Police or any of its principals or partners, unless granted explicit permission.

You may not use the Thought Police logo or any other in-house trade dress utilized by Thought Police without permission. Runs on Motif Licensed and Built using the Motif Framework logos are available, as specified above.

You may not exercise SRD license permissions to produce works that would be harmful, prejudicial, or otherwise injurious to the reputation and good name of Rev. Casey, Jim Liao, or Thought Police Interactive. You may not produce works that will bring them into disrepute or negative associations. To be clear, this prohibition does not include queer content, mere adult themes, dark themes, or social activist content. Use reasonable judgement and ask if unsure (

You may not exercise SRD license permissions to produce works that glorify or present in a positive or apologetic light any historical or current genocide, hate ideology, bigotry, or similarly repugnant figures, movements, or viewpoints, or any fictional parallels. You may include such elements insofar as they comply with the condition of not being glorifying nor presenting them in a positive or apologetic light.

In compliance with the moral and other rights retained by the CC-BY license, any individual with hate group associations is prohibited from exercising any permissions under the offered license. In addition, nationalist authoritarians (including but not limited to fascists) and firm bigots of all stripes are explicitly prohibited from creating works using this SRD. You are explicitly forbidden from exercising the permissions under the SRD license and creating Motif works. This is non-negotiable. If you must ask if this applies, it likely does.

The license only grants permission for the materials and guidance included in this SRD. No permission is granted to utilize additional text or other intellectual property from Thought Police Interactive without permission.

However, you may request separate permission for using one or two patches or similar segments from Runs on Motif™ and Motif Framework™ products without charge. Licenses may also be negotiated for alternate versions, supplements, and other derivative works based on non-SRD material. Please reach out to us on Twitter to discuss the material you want to use in your works (

Similarly, we welcome authors interested in exploring partnerships with us. If you can write the book and manage updates as requested, we are opening to paying a substantial licensing royalty for the use of your work. Pitch us or talk to us for more details over on our Twitter, linked above.

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