What is Threads of Lachesis?

Threads of Lachesis (TOL) SRD, is a system reference document to create games with branched random Prompts that the player organizes into a cohesive sequence via a single roll.

Games created with this system can hyper-focus on the span of a second, an hour, a day or zoom out and view the span of a family’s generational legacy, a civilization, or a galaxy. It can be used to quickly create rich and varied character backstories, or used for world building to generate the major and minor events of a nation or continent.

Although Threads of Lachesis’ focus is on solo games and generators, this system was adapted from a traditional TTRPG mechanic defined in the Additional Adaptations section.

What this Isn't

Threads of Lachesis SRD is not a complete game. As such, this document is not player-facing and does not include sections, verbiage, or Prompts to play a specific game.

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