Playing the Game

This game is constructed to give the players a ridiculous amount of agency. They set the scene, decide who is in the scene and pursue goals that they have decided to include. Other players can call for rolls and add complications to a scene.

A VEN6 game consists of up to three scenes per player. If all three scenes are not needed, they can be skipped or passed to another player who may need an extra scene. The goal of a scene is to a) advance the character’s goal, b) explore an aspect of the story, or c) explore the dynamics of the group. On each player’s turn, they set a scene. The player will announce one or more goals for the scene. Then the player will describe the bare outline of the scene opening and select a cast. The cast is made up of players and NPCs. Any NPCs will be run by the GM or other players. NPCs may also be added while the scene is being played.

From there, the players will roleplay a scene. The scene ends when the goal is either met or failed. That decision is made by either the player or the GM.

The goals of the game should be defined. In Ruination, the goals are “to find a beautiful and tragic moment for the group, find such a moment for each player, and ruin those moments. Sometimes those ruined moments are shared.” Defining a game goal helps ensure the players are telling the same story.


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