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Dice get rolled when there is risk or conflict that can’t best be handled by storytelling. If a player attempts a task that requires a roll, the GM will determine how many dice to roll.

Use 1d6 to attempt a task or 2d6 for a task related to a Trait or 3d6 for a task related to a Skill. Add 1d6 if another player is reasonably helpful, or if there is a useful amount of planning, or if the task is cinematically awesome.

The target of the roll is 3 for a simple task, 7 for something that would normally take practice, 10 for a skilled task, 14 for something that requires expertise, and 18 for something that is really hard. If you roll exactly your target number, the success comes with a complication. The complication is often damage, but doesn’t have to be. It could be a technical glitch, the dramatic entry of a rival, or nearly anything else that makes life difficult.

Attacking is a task(DR 10 by default). If you are hit, take a point of damage. Die roll modifiers for damage are listed on the character sheet. If you run out of damage boxes, you are out of the game, at least temporarily. Whether you are dead, healing, or otherwise occupied is up to you. Not all games will benefit from the use of damage tracking.


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