// If an item costs less than a new video game system, the only cost is the time it takes to get it.

► Take a comm (smartphone) and ₡2. Most items and upgrades cost ₡1 each. Ignore microcredit transactions like a knife or a meal.

ARMOR: Vest (break once for defense), battle armor (₡2, bulky, break up to 3×), hardsuit (₡3, bulky, break up to 3×, vacuum-rated, mag boots).

CYBERNETICS: Cyber-ear (upgrade with echolocation, vocal stress detector), cyber-eye (upgrade with infrared, telescopic, x-ray), cyber-limb (upgrade with fast, strong, compartments, tool or weapon implant), cranial jack (upgrade with sensory data backup, skill increase), healing nanobots, toxin filter, voice mimic. TOOLS: Flamethrower (bulky), low-G jetpack, med scanner, mini drone, repair tools, survey pack (climbing gear, flare gun, tent; bulky).

WEAPONS: Grenades (4, any of fragmentation, flashbang, smoke, EMP), pistol, rifle (bulky), shotgun (bulky), stun baton, tranq gun.

► Starships have basic versions of these functions; upgrades cost ₡10 each. In an emergency, players pick a function to do or help with.

COMMS: Upgrade with eavesdropper, jammer, tachyon burst (no lag in-system).

CRAFTS: Comes with escape pod. Upgrade with fighter, shuttle (reentry-rated).

DRIVE: FTL jump and sublight speeds. Upgrade with longer jumps, faster speed, greater agility.

EQUIPMENT: Vac suits for crew. Upgrade with armory, heavy loader, mining gear, tow cable.

HULL ARMOR: Break harmlessly for defense. Upgrade with reentry-rated, sun shielding.

SENSORS: Upgrade with deep-space, life-sign scan, planetary survey, tactical vessel scan.

WEAPONS: Deflector turrets. Upgrade with laser cutter, military-grade turret, torpedos.


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