// SRD design notes start with two slashes, like this. Other paragraphs are player/GM-facing text.

// Characters start with 6ish skill increases and/or credits’ in items, possibly combining “specialty” and “origin” (or “3 skill increases” as a stand-in).

► Choose your character’s specialty.

FACE: Skilled in Reading People (d8), Deception (d8). Take an extensive disguise wardrobe.

MUSCLE: Skilled in Intimidation (d8) and either Hand-to-hand (d8) or Shooting (d8). Take a sword, firearm, or cyber-arm.

PSYCHIC: Skilled in Telepathy (d8, sense surface thoughts), Telekinesis (d8, as strong as your arms), or pick one at d10. Take a bottle of PsychOut (amplify powers; addictive).

MEDIC: Skilled in Medicine (d8), Electronics (d8). Take a medkit and cyber-surgery tools (bulky).

SNEAK: Skilled in Climbing (d8), Stealth (d8). Take climbing gear and night vision goggles.

TECH: Skilled in Hacking (d8), Electronics (d8). Take repair tools and a custom computer (bulky).

► Choose your character’s origin.

ALIEN: Invent 2 traits, like electric current, wings, natural camouflage, or six-limbed.

ANDROID: You have an upgrade-ready cyber-body. Take synth skin (looks human) or a case (break harmlessly for defense). Increase 1 skill.

HUMAN: Apply 3 skill increases (from no skill ⮕d8⮕d10⮕d12). You can take new skills and/or increase skills you already have.

► Choose or invent skills (if prompted by origin).

Climbing, Connections, Deception, Electronics, Engines, Explosives, Hacking, Hand-to-hand, Intimidation, Labor, Persuasion, Piloting, Running, Shooting, Spacewalking, Stealth, Tracking

// Characters who start with broader skills should start with fewer skills, or with less useful skills.


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