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Before We Start


Define lines that should not be crossed.

Pause or rewind the game if something uncomfortable happens during a session.

Always make sure everyone is comfortable with the direction of the story.

Playing The Game

One person plays as the game moderator (GM), the rest as players.

GM’s Guidelines

  • Present challenges to the group.
  • Be a fan of the players.
  • Be the risk, not the opposition.
  • When in doubt, ask them questions, fill the world with their answers.
  • Make checks swift. Play with the players, not against them. If it's cool, let them try.
  • For complex challenges, or for hinting at trouble, use tracks.
  • When the group’s dream or nightmare is filled, work with the group to shift the story to an interesting place.

Player’s Guidelines

  • Narrate what your character does.
  • Take risks, and make checks to know what happens.
  • Rely on your character’s hope, skills or areas of knowledge to even the odds stacked against you.
  • Play as a group, and assist one another when facing hopeless situations.
  • Give everyone a time to shine.
  • Fill the world with your ideas, and make the story your own.
  • Focus on your dream, and don’t fear your nightmare.
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