The Hopes & Dreams SRD is a creation toolkit that helps you design a game where every mechanic serves the narrative in a quick, and efficient way. This goal focused system puts player characters against what they dread the most in every single roll.

Based on Hopes & Dreams, you will find here everything from rules, to design guidelines, to help you make your own game Ignited by Hopes & Dreams.

System Features

This system has:

  • Checks: Opposed pools of d6s for rolls, and use the number of dice rolled to know the impact and cost of an action.
  • Kits: Aspect-based character archetypes that focus on situational bonuses.
  • Abilities: Ways for the characters to be unique and versatile on their own terms.
  • Hope: A way for players to burn their hope to fuel their actions.
  • Plot Tracks: A way to track things at the character, group, or story level which changes the world in a cinematic way.
  • and more...

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