Internationalization and localization

Fari is available in multiple languages like English, Spanish and French but if you are interested in translating Fari in another language or update a bad translation, this document is the right place to start.

Fari's supported languages are split into multiple files where each file contains a list of keys used by the app and their translated values.


Fari uses Lokalise to help with localization.

If you are interested in contributing to Fari's in a significant way, contact RPDeshaies on Discord to see about becoming an official Fari Translator.

Otherwise, take a look at the other options for translating Fari programmatically.

Adding a new language to Fari

To add a new language to Fari, you can download the English translation file and update the values of each key.

Once the file is translated, open a feature request and upload the new file in the issue.

A developer will then integrate the file into the application.

Updating a translation value

It's possible that something in the app was badly translated, in that case, you can find the proper language file and open an issue to say which key needs to be updated and what should be the new value.

Also, try to include the reason why the original value was not good.

About Page

The About page is not translated using the translations keys like the rest of the pages, it instead uses one markdown file per language which is saved in this folder.

If you want to translate the app, you should also provide a translated version of the About page in markdown format.

To do so, you can download the English About page and translate its content in the language of your choice.

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