Binary Trinity

A pub RPG micro-system CC-BY-SA 4.0 by Roberto Bisceglie


Choose three archetypes, tropes or any description of choice to define your character. Best is an adjective+noun. Each one is a dictum. Assign each dictum one of the following score: 1,2,3.

Action resolution

Always describe what your characters does. When there is a chance of failure toss a number of coins equal to the score of the relevant dictum. Heads are equal to 1, tail are equal to 0. Sum the results. A natural 0 or 3 is Critical (failure/success).


A conflict is an action in which two opponents confront one another. Each opponent toss the relevant number of coins. Who scores higher wins. Ties extend the conflict (narratively). Describe a Critical as an exceptional result of the conflict. The winner chooses the opponent's fate.

Other actions

When the character attemps some action that is not a conflict, determine the action difficulty by the following scale: 1 - Routine; 2 - Difficult; 3- Hard. Remember that both success and failure have consequences, narrate accordingly.

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