Designed and written by Jordan R Trocchiano

3-D is a game system designed for situations and stories with mounting pressure and immediate consequences of failure or coming up short. Players roll a d12 when performing an action, all stats start at 11, If they roll over the current number they fail and the stat decreases by 1. Rolling under the stat you use in the situation counts as a success and the action occurs

If a stat drops below 1 it becomes unusable in the situation

If all stats drop below 1 your character has lost and is at the mercy of the GM or other players or the situation at hand.

3-D has three main Stats

Object: used when handling an item or object or other related actions

Speech: speaking or convincing or whispering or other like actions

Action: moving, jumping, hitting and other like actions

Pressure meter

Add one to the meter when you fail a roll, your meter has a max of 10 POINTS

  • You may spend 3 POINTS of pressure to automatically succeed on any roll
  • You may spend 5 POINTS to force a reroll on either the gm or another player and they must take the new roll

Signature rule ( this is a variant and not required to play just a fun suggestion)

You pick one action for each stat that you may automatically succeed on once per session Example: pickpocketing for object, saying something to anger someone for speech, a solid punch for action

Adding stats to the game

Creating a new stat for the game is quite easy, at the suggestion of the game writer it's best to add only 1 new stat, but this is a suggestion and can be ignored, as you add a new stat its best to use that stat for its purpose and if it overlaps with any other the new stat would take priority, simply add the stat and its name and have an idea of what it applies to and how it would work Example: Magic - as you expend more magic using magic and casting spells become harder to perform


When making a game for the 3-D system add a line stating “made in 3-D”

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