A System Reference Document

What is this ?

LEADS is a System Reference Document for games based on Nicolas Ronvel’s After the Accident, which introduced the LEADS system. LEADS stand for LEADS Enhances the Adventure by Driving Stories. There are also Leads to follow in the game. And Recursive Acronyms are fun.

These games are mostly solo journaling games. They generally require a standard deck of cards and something to record your game. Some games will change those premises.

This SRD is aimed at designers, writers and publishers who’d like to publish games using this system with their own themes and stories.

This SRD explore the mechanics and choices made for After the Accident, the first LEADS game, and how they can be used to create other stories.

What this isn’t ...

SRDs are often documents presenting the core rules of a game. This isn’t the case here. LEADS is intended more to designers than to players.

This isn’t a generic system nonetheless. All LEADS games will provide full rules to play them. The rules will vary among them, and new ideas and mechanics could be introduced in those new games.

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