What is Shillings?

Shillings is a fast and simple token-based SRD made for everyone.

This SRD is a design document for designers with aspirations to make something big but make something simple. It gives anyone the opportunity to make something amazing.

To be completely honest I was originally going to make this for myself. It was gonna be for me and my friends. But then something clicked. If I made this for everyone:

  • A. People would have another SRD to use
  • B. I’d have a chance to see other people use my TTRPG tech
  • C. Everybody would be happy

In terms of players 1 GM and 2-4 players is probably best for games made with Shillings. Another thing you will need is a lot of tokens.

So without further ado, welcome to Shillings SRD...


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