This section goes over how to add or update a creator to the site.

Creating the Creator's Space

To add a new creator, you need to create a new folder in the public/catalog/creators folder.

The folder name should be the creator's identifier. This identifier is used to generate the URL of the creator's page, and should be written in kebab-case (lowercase with hyphens).

├── {creator-identifier}

Creator Config (Optional)

You can add a index.ts file to the creator's folder to add some metadata about the creator.

This file is written in TypeScript and should export a default function that returns an object with the creator's data.

Use the syntax below as a template.

import { ICreatorData } from "public/catalog/loader";

export default function getData(): ICreatorData {
  return {
    name: "Fari RPGs",
    links: {
      twitter: "",

Creator Config Properties

The following properties are available for you to use:

FieldDefault value
nameThe creator's name.The creator's identifier converted to title case
linksA dictionary of links to the creator's website's social media accounts.{}
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