Before We Start

Credit to Fari RPGs - Breathless RPG SRD -

Before starting it is highly recommended that the group define lines, both within and outside the fiction, that should not be crossed. Feel encouraged at any time to pause or rewind the game if something uncomfortable happens during a session. Everyone should always be mindful that everyone else is comfortable with the direction of the story.

-- Here are two toolsets that may be of benefit to you in helping to establish and maintain safety at your table:

  • X-Card - John Stavropoulos -
  • Script Change - Beau Jágr Sheldon -

One person is the chorus, the rest are players.

The Chorus
  • Narrates what chorus-controlled characters (CCs) do;
  • Guides the story and presents challenges to the group;
  • Asks the group questions and fills the world with their answers;
  • Will let things be tried if they're cool!

The chorus is a fan of the whole group, and are players as well!

The Players
  • Narrate what player-controlled characters (PCs) and identities do;
  • Issue or answer challenges when things are risky;
  • Fill the world of the fiction with their ideas, take risks, and rise up from their failures;
  • Give everyone a time to shine!

Unless it's stated otherwise, which it almost 100% isn't, everything below exists in the game's mechanics by default. When in doubt, it's a default.



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