The Five Powers

道生之。me is Powered by the Elements, based on the WuDe - The 德畜之。

五德 is pronounced wǔ dé.

五- wǔ is easily translated from Chinese and stands for 5.

德 – dé (/də/) is much more complex. Scholars have discussed its correct translation into English within the works of Daoist’s like Laozi or Zhuangzi.

Peter A. Boodberg called it the most significant character besides dao 道 and Arthur Waley suggest the translation ‘power’ instead of the commonly used ‘virtue’ to highlight

the Yin & Yang nature of this character.

De also stands for the individual phases or aspects of

East-Asian Philosophy and its manifestations in the elements of:

木 wood, 火 fire, 土 earth, 金 metal and 水 water.

This very meaning is used as basis for this game.

To use the WuDe - The Five Powers as SRD for your game, simply attribute us in the following form - and drop us a message on Twitter @wuderpg, so we can cheer you on:

This game is Powered by the Elements, based on the WuDe - The Five Powers designed by Ralf Mayenberger, WuDeRPG. This game is in no way affiliated with Ralf Mayenberger or WuDeRPG.

  • Version: β – KhanKon 2019
  • Created by: Ralf Mayenberger
  • Play-tested by: Danielle, Kade, Ryan, Peter, Jeph, Rusty & Scott
  • Artwork by: Caitlin Du (Phantalism)
  • Chinese
    • Translation by: Sissi Chen & Benjamin Wang
  • © 2019


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