The Build-A-Game System

Designed by Groov Games with the help of a couple of kids.

What's BAGS?

BAGS, or the Build-A-Game System, is an incredibly lightweight tabletop game system built for a couple of kids that wanted to run their own games. This was made to help foster creativity, teamwork, and imagination - all while being super easy to plan and run. It turns out it's great for anyone looking for a quick pick-up game, too! It fits on one page (available here!) and doesn't need a character sheet - a scrap of paper or a notes app and a few d6 are all you need!

Tags replace all stats, attributes, traits, and circumstances. When characters want to do anything, they roll six-sided dice based on the tag, and see what happens! You'll find all of the basic rules on the next few pages with optional extras to help make the game your own after that.

Safety Tools

Talk to everybody at the table before things get started. Storytelling can be cathartic, but it can also bring up uncomfortable themes. Make sure you're all on the same page about the things that are ok in the game, and the things that should stay off-screen. I recommend using the Lines and Veils and X-card methods.


BAGS is released under Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY 4.0. If you want to make anything with it, you can - just give proper credit to Groov Games!



CC BY 4.0
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