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Mark of the Odd is now on Fari Community!

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Want to use Into the Odd as a base for your game or module?

Anybody can give their game the Mark of the Odd by adhering to these guidelines:

  • You can use text directly from the SRD.
  • You can use the Mark of the Odd Logo.
  • You can use other concepts from the book such as Starter Packages and Arcana/Oddities, but do not use text from Into the Odd that is not included in the SRD. Create your own content to fill these sections out.
  • Credit Chris McDowall for being the original creator of Into the Odd, and include a link to www.bastionland.com

This is a general licence. If you want to negotiate a licence with different terms, please get in touch at bastionlandpress@gmail.com

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